Devoted to Helping Animals in California
The California Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF) is a non-profit organization established to sponsor and nurture kindness, education and well-being for all animals and people and their environment.

CVMF Donates $500 To CVMA's 2015 Animal Hall of Fame Winner, Tara

Tara, a seven-year old cat to the Triantafilo family is known for her brave act after saving her four-year-old owner, Jeremy Triantafilo from a dog attach. While riding his bicycle outside in his front yard, Jeremy was attacked by a neighbor's dog that had escaped from a nearby yard. Just as the dog bit down on Jeremy's lower leg dragging from off his bicycle, his cat Tara immediately sprant into action and hurled herself at the dog. She hit the dog with her whole body and the dog immediuately released Jeremy and ran away. Tara continued to chase the dog for a while then returned to Jeremy, protecting him until the dog was subdued in his own backyard.
Security cameras caught the incident and when the Triantafilo family saw the footage, they were stunned by how quickly Tara reacted to save Jeremy. "Tara changed our perspective of just how loyal she was to Jeremy and our family and we cannot love her enough for that", Jeremy's father Roger Triantafilo says.

CVMF Student Scholarship Awards

The CVMF/VISC Student Scholarship Award
Congratulations to the 2016 recipients - Krista Prato Matthews, Kelsey Milich, Jamie Peisel, Joseph Raleigh, Elizabeth Rosalia, Noelle Schoettle, Alexandra Sinnott, and Emily Whitmer!
This scholarship, funded by the Veterinary Insurance Services Company (VISC),  is awarded to third and fourth year veterinary students at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine or California residents attending out-of-state AVMA accredited veterinary medical colleges.
CVMF Awards Scholarships to UC Davis and
Western  Students for Shelter Service or Disaster Response
Each year the California Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF) presents scholarship awards to third or fourth year veterinary students at both veterinary schools in California who show outstanding service in veterinary medicine at a city or county animal shelter, or during a recognized California disaster response effort.
In May 2016 the CVMF was pleased to present these awards to Leslie Neely of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and to Caitlyn Lennon of the Western University School of Veterinary Medicine.
Leslie Neely of UC Davis and Dr. Keith Rode, CVMF past-president

CVMF Board member Dr. Marshall Scott and Caitlyn Lennon of Western University


CVMF Provides Aid for Disaster Response & Preparedness

No one wants their animals to become the victims of a disaster. The CVMF is working to prevent this from happening by providing relief and aid in the interest of animal health in the event of a disaster. They will accomplish this by working with the CVMA's Disaster Preparedness Committee and by providing funds for:

• Promoting awareness and preparedness for the public and the veterinary community.
• Providing housing and veterinary medical care of animals that are temporarily homeless.
• Using mobile temporary facilities for veterinarians, as needed.
• Supporting search and rescue animal team operations.

The CVMF generously funds the California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (CAVMRC) programs and projects. The CAVMRC provides veterinary professionals with the training and credentialing necessary to support animal health and public health. Then CAVMRC-trained volunteers help animals when disasters strike in California.


Valley & Butte Wildfires

CAVMRC veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians assisted in treating injured and displaced animals in the Valley Fire. They worked with Dr. Jeff Smith and his staff at the Middletown Animal Hospital and did a phenomenal job managing everything from burns to smoke inhalation. We also want to recognize the volunteer effort at the Clearlake Animal Hospital and Calistoga Fairgrounds by veterinary professionals throughout the region. These veterinary teams not only treated animals but also secured badly needed food and medical supplies.

The CVMF provides funding for medical care and boarding of animals injured or displaced during California disasters. Donate today!